BBC in hot water again following new DJ complaints

The BBC is once more mired in controversy following a barrage of complaints against their latest radio DJ, Mark Shoesmith.  Shoesmith took over the morning slot from Chris Moyles three weeks ago and promised a radical new approach to the show.  Since then his on-air antics have resulted in thousands of angry calls. 

 ‘I was disgusted.’ said one listener.  ‘I tuned in expecting some mindless prattle and unsophisticated braying – instead I got this Shoesmith guy, just playing records! He hardly said a word except to say what the last song was and who sang it.’

 Other listeners were equally shocked.  ‘He didn’t even have a posse! A DJ isn’t a DJ unless he’s got a production team pandering to his ego every five minutes.  Things got even worse when he introduced the traffic news – that’s just what he did: introduce the traffic news! No insulting banter to belittle the reporter, he just quickly and efficiently led into the report.’

 The volume of complaints reached its peak when Shoesmith introduced a celebrity interview slot.  ‘Things went from bad to worse – no fawning preamble, no arse-licking obsequiousness – just a series of pertinent questions.  That’s no good, I expect my DJs to practically offer his guests oral sex on air, not to be civil and politely enquiring!’

 Shoesmith’s lack of bad language and clear pronunciation also got listeners hot under the collar: ‘He didn’t even swear! The closest he got was ‘Oh bother I’ve dropped my pencil – sorry about that listeners.’ I mean, what kind of DJ does he think he is?’

 In a hurried damage-limitation exercise, the BBC was quick to show that it was acting upon these complaints.  ‘We have investigated Shoesmith’s behaviour with the utmost vigour and can confirm that he will face swift and decisive disciplinary action unless he sleeps with someone famous’ granddaughter in the next few days.’

 (Written in the wake of the Sachsgate scandal on 29 Jan 2009)

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