Surprise as microwave meal looks exactly like picture on packaging

Gosport man Michael Penney had a pleasant surprise in store yesterday evening when the Asda’ Good for you’ Green Thai Curry microwave meal he had cooked for his supper came out looking just as delicious as the external packaging had promised. 

 Penney first knew something was different when he attempted to remove the plastic film from the top of the meal container.  ‘Usually I have to take the plastic off bit by bit and end up burning my fingers picking pieces out of the food, but this time it just peeled right off, all in one go.  There wasn’t even any left stuck around the rim of the tray.’

 When he spooned the rice out of the compartmentalised container he was in for another surprise.  ‘I was expecting a solid rectangular block of stuck-together grit, but instead there tumbled out a pile of soft, fragrant rice that settled gently around the plate.’ He then turned his attention to the meat.  ‘I thought ‘here we go, lots of gloopy sauce and no chicken’ but I was wrong.  The sauce was at the right consistency and there was plenty of it, but there were also lots of moist meaty chunks – real meat, none of your processed stuff!’

 Penney’s culinary adventure did not end there, for when he went to throw the packaging away, he noticed that the photograph on the cardboard cover looked exactly like his meal.  ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was as if someone had taken a photo of my meal, went back in time and used it for the packaging.  There was even the same sprig of parsley on the top.’

 By now the delicious aroma of curry had wafted throughout his bedsit and Penney’s mouth was watering as he had his final surprise.  ‘I couldn’t wait to get it inside me, so I got my lap tray, a glass of pop and a spoon and settled down in front of Top Gear.’ Penney then helped himself to a generous portion of curry, his taste buds quivering with anticipation.  ‘I put the spoon into my mouth, closed my eyes and tasted…’

 ‘Christ it was f*****g awful.’

 (Written 9 Feb 2009)

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