YouTube comments spat sparks diplomatic incident

Diplomatic officials on both sides of the Atlantic are scrambling to diffuse international tension after an argument in the comments section of popular video website YouTube sparked an international incident between Great Britain and the USA.

A heated exchange developed on YouTube after a clip from the 1970’s children’s show Animal Kwackers was uploaded last week. Animal Kwackers featured a four piece pop band consisting of Rory the lion, Twang the monkey, Bongo the dog and Boots the tiger, and is often compared to the well-known American show The Banana Splits.

This clip elicited a number of nostalgic comments before similarities between the two shows was pointed out by YouTube user ‘SASRugbyKing’, who commented: “This a bit like The Banana Splits but it gets the Yanks back for copying the Beatles with the Monkees and rugby with American football!!!”

The discussion quickly heated up as an American subscriber calling himself ‘NC17Texasdude’ countered: “dumbass the monkees rock sasrugbyking sucks. rugby is for pussies american fooball rules!”. An acrimonious debate then ensued between the two:

SASRugbyKing: I like rugby better than American football – there’s not as much protective gear and much more action. In American football you wait forever. In rugby people actually bleed!!! Also, the faggots wear helmets and lots of safety gear! Lol

NC17Texasdude: i would rather look like a pussy than getting seriously f*cking injured or die. nfl is not for getting hurt it is a team game not a pain game. nfl is the best sport in america and best sport ever made.

Despite pleas by other users to calm down, appreciate each other’s favourite sport and enjoy some 70’s nostalgia, the argument raged on:

NC17Texasdude: the only famous english sport is cricket. and that licks balls. quit hating on our sport and get a life. should it matter that no one besides americans play it? why do we have to do everything everyone else does. thats bullsh*t.

SASRugbyKing: Why do Americans play sports no one else plays??? Why do they call football soccer??? Why is American football called football when they don’t use their feet??? American Football is the most gay sport I’ve ever seen. Bunch of gays hiding under the safety-equipment!!! I play rugby so I’m coming over to kick your ass!!!

NC17Texasdude: youll be sorry you said that asshole…

Hours later an influential group of prominent Texan businessmen were lobbying Congress for economic sanctions against Britain. “The insulting and threatening comments levelled against my grandson are typical of Britain’s superiorist attitude against our great nation.” said oil millionaire Arthur Harrington III. “That’s why we’re taking this action – to teach these guys a lesson in respect.”

Following this news an already cash-strapped British government has been desperately trying to diffuse the situation by appealing for YouTube to remove the offending video clip from its servers. The Home Office has also confirmed that a 37 year-old man believed to be SASRugbyKing has been arrested on terrorism charges in relation to the incident.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not only written personally to Mr. Harrington III’s grandson but has also issued a public apology on behalf of Great Britain in an open letter to the American public: “Soz America didn’t mean 2 piss U off lol.”

 (Written 16 Feb 2009)

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