Panic as middle-aged man finds he’s ‘that special someone’ for several women at once

It has often been said that for everyone in the world there is a certain special someone – that soulmate with whom you can share a deep and lasting emotional and physical bond.  But while most of us count ourselves lucky if we find this perfect partner just once in our lifetime, a middle-aged Oswestry man has discovered that he is soulmate to approximately 50 women and counting. 

Timothy Taylor, 54, made this shocking discovery after being bullied by his niece into joining a social networking website.  ‘I’m not really into computers, but our Charlotte kept on and on about how I could find a girlfriend off the internet so I just gave her my details and email address and told her to put it all on for me.’ What happened next left him stunned as his inbox filled with messages. 

‘Suddenly I started getting these emails from young women, all anxious to make my acquaintance.’ he said, clearly amazed at his good fortune.  ‘Apparently I was the perfect match for them – all of them! I’ve always been a bit shy around girls – mother says I’m too afraid of them – but I suppose I must’ve reached my peak or something.  How else can you explain how I’ve suddenly become so attractive to the ladies?’

Women from as far afield as Russia, China and South America have contacted Taylor, each wishing to meet up with the reclusive bachelor.  ‘I’ve even had one from Equatorial Guinea, and I don’t even know where that is.’ he said.  However panic quickly set in for this modern-day target of Cupid’s arrow, as his newly-found soulmates all requested sums of money to enable them to travel to Britain to meet him. 

‘My dole money only goes so far and I have an elderly mother to look after, so I can’t go swanning off around the world – I just don’t know what to do.’ bemoaned Taylor.  And so, for now at least, these lonely women must wait patiently, sending email after email in the vain hope of capturing their one true love – their soulmate: Timothy Taylor from Oswestry.

 (Written 18 Feb 2009)

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