Furore as Daily Mail journalist uses too many foreign words

Right-wing Daily Mail journalist Barry Spite has been accused of double-standards by his colleagues by using too many foreign words in his latest article. 

In today’s ‘A bit of Spite’ column, Spite, a journalistic enfant terrible, called for direct action against the influx of asylum seekers coming into the UK, a particular bête noire of his. 

Urging the British public to rise up en masse, Spite called for right-leaning military leaders to stage a coup d’état so that the current government, faced with a fait accompli, would topple. 

This self-styled agent provocateur, who has made immigration his cause célèbre, then suggested that the new authorities should raise a cordon sanitaire around the country to keep out foreigners, funded by money siphoned from the nouveau riche. 

Spite, who is currently under investigation following allegations of a ménage à trois with a high-class call-girl and a Dachshund, has hit back against his critics, accusing them of Schadenfreude.

(Written 18 Feb 2009)

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