Pensioner remanded for stealing own bike back

A Hereford pensioner has been remanded to appear in court on charges of breaking and entering, after stealing his own bicycle back from the person who initially stole it.

When his garage was broken into last December, Alfred Gwilliam, 75, was devastated to find that his only method of transport was missing. “I use my bike all the time – it keeps me fit.” he said when the original theft was reported. “I’d seen some lad hanging around an hour or so before – looked like he had a spot of Gypsy in him, so I was wary from the start.”

He later discovered that his bike had gone when alerted by his neighbour. “Next door’s boy had his bike nicked as well. We reported it to the police but unless you’ve been caught speeding they don’t want to know nowadays – I never thought I’d see my wheels again.”

However during a bus ride into town last week, Alfred’s luck changed when he spotted the suspicious youth leaving a lock-up yard. “I easily recognised him – swarthy looking bugger – so later on that evening I popped back to the lock-up with a pair of bolt croppers and let myself in.” Inside the yard was an Aladdin’s cave of stolen goods, including Alfred’s and his neighbour’s bicycles. “It didn’t take me long to walk back home with the bikes – next door’s lad was overjoyed.”

However events took an unexpected turn when Alfred reported his actions to the police the next day. “It turns out that when the bloke was arrested, the cheeky pillock reported my bit of ‘recycling’ and filed charges against me, so I found myself up before the magistrate as well as him.” Alfred was remanded to appear in court on charges of theft, breaking and entering and wilful damage of a padlock.

“I don’t know which way to turn – It’s all this bloody paperwork. On one hand I’ve got to fill in my details for the criminal records, on the other I’ve got victim support feedback forms to complete. Thank Christ nobody’s noticed that I haven’t retracted my insurance claim!”

(Written 18 Feb 2009)

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