Recently discovered Nostradamus predictions ‘frighteningly accurate’

Historians throughout France are abuzz with excitement after the discovery of a previously unknown set of predictions by the infamous soothsayer Nostradamus.  Renovators uncovered an original manuscript – a hitherto unpublished work penned by the renaissance mystic – while working at the house in Salon-de-Provence where Nostradamus spent the last years of his life.  But while such a find is groundbreaking in itself, it is the ‘frighteningly accurate’ prophesies contained within the document that has really stirred up the academic world. 

For Professor Claude Desjoyeaux of the Université d’Avignon, whose team has been responsible for the preservation and deciphering of the manuscript, the document is unique in its startlingly direct predictions.  ‘Nostradamus’ work is usually vague and open to misinterpretation: any links between his writing and actual world events are tenuous at best.  But this stuff…  well, there can be no doubt that these are genuine prophesies.  What we have here is a catalogue of events that had yet to happen in his day.’

He has highlighted several examples which attest to Nostradamus’ future-vision, including this sinister passage:-

‘The black dog shall cast to the West,

And the holy river will be as dust,

The young of Kistia will tremble,

Mrs.  Bunsfield of Cardiff, you’ve left the iron on.’

And this mystical prediction:-

‘The walls of Araby shall tremble,

At the voice of the blue stone,

The desert shall crawl upon the maiden’s field,

Mr.  Jenkins of Huddersfield, the answer to five down is ‘Trombone’.’

‘After extensive research I have discovered that Mrs.  Bunsfield did indeed leave her iron on in 1986, causing her to ruin her favourite blouse.’ Desjoyeaux explains, ‘and Mr.  Jenkins has indeed been struggling with five-down of the tea-time quickie crossword in the Huddersfield Echo and was most grateful for the advice that Nostradamus had left for him.’

But even more chilling than these prophesies is the final quatrain in this remarkable body of work, which Desjoyeaux believes holds clues to the end of the world itself:-

‘Death shall come to the people of God

And the Antichrist shall the land tear asunder

Upon man and woman the sun shineth no more

And this final day shall happen- ooh, Mrs.  Derwent of Brighton, don’t forget to video Desperate Housewives tonight, it’s a feature-length episode.’

(Written 25 Mar 2009)

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