Britney Spears’ new album ‘a treatise on Existentialism’

Troubled singer Britney Spears has stunned fans and critics alike with the release of her latest album – a two hour spoken-word treatise in which the former pop sensation details the history of existentialist philosophy. 

The album, entitled ‘Britney: Self’ heralds a radical change in direction for the singer according to her agent.  ‘Britney’s recent personal history and the subsequent media circus has given her serious food for thought.  During her time in rehab she was able to reflect upon her individual existence and how it relates to the wider context of superstardom.’

‘Since then Ms Spears has spent every minute of her spare time in-between rehearsals and gigs researching how the world’s greatest thinkers have taken the living, thinking, feeling Human experience as a springboard for considering Man’s place in an uncaring and unremitting wider world.’

The result is ‘Britney: Self’, in which the singer analyses the evolution of this school of thought by examining existentialist writers and literature from the book of Genesis, through Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Kafka to Jean-Paul Sartre and Colin Wilson. 

Unfortunately Spears’ latest project has not found favour with the musical press and critics have already slammed the album.  Rolling Stone magazine decried the treatise as ‘vacuous and ill-researched’ whilst Mojo dismissed the work as ‘Lazy hack-work that typifies the worst excesses of Wikipedia-raiding pseudo-intellectualism.’ Meanwhile the album’s damning review in the NME simply states ‘where R the toonz?’

However, despite the bad press (with one critic suggesting that Britney should launch an introspective follow-up album entitled ‘Britney: Self-harm’), many other artistes have been impressed by her bold experiment and are planning similar projects.  Teenage star Miley Ray Cyrus is reputedly working on a CD box-set called ‘Miley Sings Theosophy’, a collection of Madame Blavatsky cover versions, whilst masked heavy metal troupe Slipknot have announced a series of forthcoming lectures entitled ‘Stab My Face – The Whimsy and Wonder of Roald Dahl.’

(Written 26 Mar 2009)

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