Woman sues suicide clinic for making her better

A Swiss euthanasia clinic is at the receiving end of a million-pound lawsuit after its medical staff cured a fatally ill British woman who had gone to the Zurich-based Peace and Dignity Institute to die. 

After suffering years of intolerable pain, Birmingham housewife Sheila Merrick took what she thought would be her final flight to Switzerland and checked into the institute.  However, while she was being prepped for the intravenous cocktail of fatal drugs that would end her life, one of the technicians, a former medical student, suspected that the cause of her pain might actually be something less life-threatening than was previously thought. 

A doctor was called who confirmed the suspicions and Mrs.  Merrick was sent, protesting loudly, to a nearby hospital.  After a series of tests it was discovered that she was suffering from chronic gall stones, which were quickly removed following a simple operation.  A brief spell of convalescence later and she was on the plane back to Britain, healthy and pain-free but livid at her treatment. 

‘I am not a happy woman!’ she told waiting journalists.  ‘I’d got used to the idea of dying and settled all my financial affairs well in advance, giving substantial gifts of cash to family members and charities in order to avoid paying death duties.  Now I have to go through the bother of clawing it all back again.  I’d also made a deathbed confession to my husband, admitting to an affair I had with my ex-boss a few years ago.  How can I look him in the face now?’

The Peace and Dignity Institute has issued a formal apology to Mrs.  Merrick, and has offered her a full refund if she can produce proof of payment – a move which has failed to mollify the angry housewife.  ‘It’s the principle of the thing.  If you pay for a service you expect to get that service.  And besides I’ve already shredded the bloody receipt!’

(Written 3 Apr 2009)

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