Gordon Brown to reveal Labour government ‘story arc’ ending after next election

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced that the mystery surrounding the Labour government’s major story arcs will finally be revealed after the next general election, amid speculation that the series is to be axed.  Fans have been hooked by Labour’s convoluted storylines, sub-plots and interlinking ‘mytharcs’ ever since the show premiered in 1997, but ratings have fallen in recent months.

Supporters have been deserting the party in droves, with viewers complaining about poor scripts and production values on dozens of fansites and internet forums.  ‘It’s not been the same since they introduced the recession storyline,’ commented one disgruntled fan, ‘and anyway, most of my mates stopped watching it when they changed the lead actor a couple of years ago.’

According to the ‘Ain’t It Cool’ news website, Labour bosses are desperate to win back their fanbase, worried that viewers might switch their allegiance to rival political parties.  ‘They’ve finally realised that long-term supporters are becoming frustrated with the lack of progress in the show, which appears to have lost direction as writers cram unresolved crisis after unresolved crisis into the plot.  Fans want some payback – basically they want to know what the hell is going on!’ wrote one reviewer.

Many believe that it is to this end that many of the series’ loose ends will be tied up, and fans will finally get an explanation about the disappearance of MPs, the strange blacked-out expense claims and the mysterious ‘Iraq Inquiry’ story arc, in a spectacular series finale which will see the loss of at least one major character.

(Written 26 Jun 2009)

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