Werewolves put on protected species list

Campaigners for the preservation of horror monsters are celebrating today after Werewolves were added to the European Protected Species list.  The Werewolf (Homo Lupus), once a common sight throughout Europe, all but died out during the nineteenth century as torch-bearing mobs forced the lycanthropic creatures from their hunting grounds. 

Being awarded protected status means that these Wolfmen can now enjoy legal protection: it being forbidden to deliberately disturb, capture or kill any listed species.  It is now also illegal to damage or destroy a mating site or resting place of any such animal, or keep, transport or offer for sale anyone found wandering around the forests confused, stark-naked and covered in blood. 

While many pressure groups have fought hard against this re-categorisation, for example the French Loup Garou fur-trappers lobby of Averoigne, wildlife conservationists believe that the listing is merely a natural progression from the ban on hunting with silver bullets that has been imposed in several European countries. 

Opposition has also come from nature experts in England, who have expressed concern that native were-species are being forced from their habitats by an invasion of foreign creatures, following a number of sightings of an American Werewolf in London. 

The Werewolves’ new protected status has been hailed as the first pan-European scary creature conservation initiative, following on from more local projects, such as the successful reintroduction of the Nosferatu Vampire into Germany, Haiti’s Zombie sanctuary and the Dartmoor-based Baskerville Hound breeding programme. 

Funds are now being raised to build a Lycanthrope reserve and study centre in a remote corner of the Yorkshire moors, complete with an isolated, yet thriving and fully populated village for the Werewolves to terrify, unmolested and free from the destructive influence of man.

(Written 27 Jul 2009)

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