Accident reconstruction injury forces compensation firm to sue themselves

A Nantwich man could be set to make legal history after filing a personal injury claim against a business that specialises in personal injury claims. Even more remarkably, it has been revealed that he sustained the injury while filming a reconstruction of a previous accident as part of an advertisement for this company, after they successfully handled his original claim.

Trevor Fry, a 37 year-old warehouse worker, originally approached compensation lawyers A1-Claims4U after he was ordered by his manager to carry a number of heavy boxes without proper lifting aids. He consequently damaged his back and was forced to take unpaid medical leave. “It was when I was laid up that I saw A1-Claims4U’s advert on the telly.” he said, “they promised a no-win no-fee service, so I thought I’d give them a go.”

A few weeks later A1-Claims4U’s lawyers successfully filed for compensation and Fry was awarded several thousand pounds, minus legal costs. Fry was more than pleased with their service. “I was dead chuffed! They then asked me if I’d like to re-enact the accident in their next advert. Well I’d never been on telly before, and they said they’d pay me, so why not?”

However during the filming of this advertisement, which entailed carrying a large cardboard box before grimacing, holding his back and doubling over with pain, Fry hurt his back yet again. When Fry actually tried to lift the box, he found it far heavier than he had been led to believe. “They told me it’d be empty, but when I lifted it, it weighed a ton. I felt my back go straight away.”

“I couldn’t believe it!” he continued, “I’d only just got back from the chiropractors as well!” Faced with another lengthy bout of bed-confinement, Fry felt that he had no other alternative than to claim for compensation against A1-Claims4U, and he was in no doubt who he would choose to handle his claim – A1-Claims4U. “They’d done such a great job after my previous accident that I decided I’d use them again – good firms are hard to come by nowadays.”

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