Instigator of the ‘Great Snowball Fight of 2010’ chain email told to ‘f*ck off in no uncertain terms’

An anonymous emailer known only as ‘Jinxy96’ has been given an emphatic vote of no confidence, after attempting to instigate ‘the Great Snowball fight of 2010’ – a chain email sent to thousands of recipients.

Writing on an online hackers forum, ‘Jinxy96’ admitted that since kicking off the campaign, he/she has been inundated with messages, telling the would-be social participation enabler to ‘f*ck off in no uncertain terms.’ ‘I though it’d be a fun thing to do,’ he/she continued, ‘but from the feedback I’ve had, I guess everyone’s got a bit fed up with all this wintry weather.’

The email, which begins ‘SPLAT! You have been hit by a snowball!’ then goes on to ask the reader to forward the missive on to everyone in their address book. ‘Well most people seem to have sent it straight back to me, with instructions to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.’

Undaunted, ‘Jinxy96’ is still determined to make his/her mark in the murky world of online mass mobilisation: ‘If no-one wants to have a snowball fight, then perhaps they’d be interested in my Facebook campaign – ‘Rage Against The Machine for Prime Minister.’

(Written 8 Jan 2010)

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