Iran to air ‘most explicit series ever made’

Iranian state television has announced that it will go ahead with plans to screen a controversial TV series set in ancient Rome, described as the most sexually explicit show ever to hit the Middle-Eastern country’s airwaves.

Up Pompeii focuses on the trials and tribulations of Roman slave Lurcio as he struggles to survive the capricious machinations of Senator Ludicrus Sextus and his promiscuous wife Ammonia.

Speaking about the series, the chief executive of state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting warned viewers to expect full-frontal prologues and double entendres of a distressing nature: ‘I think a lot of people are going to be shocked and they are going to shut off their televisions. If they’re shocked by the first few episodes, it ain’t going to let up, but for the people who have the stomach for it, this is a bloody good yarn.’

Unusually, Iran’s Guardian Council has officially sanctioned the series, despite reserving judgment on another, and apparently less salacious, western television show set in Rome called Spartacus: Blood And Sand. ‘President Ahmadinejad is personally vetting this program as we speak,’ a government spokesman said, ‘He’s then going to lend the tape to Ayatollah Khamenei, who will be unavailable for comment until about three o’clock – two o’clock if you can’t see anything.’

(Written 27 Jan)

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