Incumbent government must apply for ‘fit note’ from British electorate

Following the introduction of new legislation, the labour government must gain a ‘fit note’ from their electorate by May 6th, if they are to return to work, rather than rely on the traditional sick note to renege on their responsibilities.

So-called fit notes have been designed to allow voters to decide whether a particular political party is fit to govern and, in the event of a hung parliament, what aspects of the role each party can perform.

The overhaul of the sick note system was announced a year ago by government adviser Dame Carol Black, the national director for health and work. ‘The responsibility will be on the electorate to act,’ she announced. ‘If a voter decides that a candidate is capable of representing them in Parliament, then they will be required to vote for them.’

However critics of the scheme have warned voters against being drawn into making political decisions that they are not qualified to make, being unaware of the details of a candidate’s working conditions, what corporate advisory committees they sit on and their non-domicile status.

Other electoral reformists are calling for a Big Brother style system; where the public vote for the party they would like to be expelled from the House, whilst allowing for party leaders to be immune from such an occurrence if they can successfully complete a special task – such as the invasion of a foreign country.

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