Eponymous Mysterious Girl ‘not really that mysterious’ admits Peter Andre

The media circus surrounding pop sensation Peter Andre since the break up of his marriage to model Jordan has gone into overdrive today, after the singer admitted that the inspiration behind his 1995 hit Mysterious Girl wasn’t actually as enigmatic as his lyrics make out.

Speaking on the popular breakfast show GMTV, Andre, famous as much for his six-pack stomach as his string of top ten hits, told presenter Kate Garraway how he first met his muse whilst holidaying on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. ‘Occasionally I’d catch her eye over the breakfast counter at the hotel,’ he revealed, ‘I kept thinking to myself: ‘who is that mysterious girl?’ Inspired I started writing the song that very afternoon.’

However, Andre went on to reveal how the more he got talking to this unknown female, the less mysterious she became. ‘I was like ‘whoah slow down! I don’t need to know all this!’ But every time we met up for a drink she kept telling me extra bits about herself.’ To illustrate his point, the singer then showed Garraway a first draft of the song, bearing the chorus ‘Whoooooooah, Sharon from Stockport, I wanna get close to you.’

‘Hardly the tale of worship-you-from-afar tropical beauty I was aiming for,’ Andre continued, ‘but every time we got together it was again with the life story. Guest vocalist Bubbler Ranx would’ve looked a right idiot singing about her day job at the dry cleaners I can tell you. And the saga of her neighbour’s cat getting in the bins – hardly love song material is it? Or the fact that she took it up the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter – yeah it was great at the time, but does the media really want to hear about that kind of thing? Less is more love, less is more.’


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