The Sun launches premium news-free website

As of midday today, readers of British tabloid The Sun will be able to enjoy a special ‘premium’ news-free subscription website.

‘For a monthly charge of GBP5.00, subscribers can access the papers usual top-quality content, such as ‘Bizarre’, ‘TV Biz’ and ‘Something for the Weekend’, without having to skim through anything remotely newsworthy.’ said editor Dominic Mohan.

Not all readers are happy with this innovation. ‘I can’t afford an extra five pounds a month,’ complained one consumer, ‘It looks like I’ll have to get my diet of tits and tat from the Daily Star instead.’ However in the main feedback from local trials has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘It’s great!’ exclaimed one test-reader, ‘no more annoying current events popping up to spoil my daily intake of salacious jingo.’ ‘I can go straight to the George And Lynne cartoon without having to read the news first,’ concurred another Sun regular, ‘and the Page 3 stunna practically jumps out at you – no more hiding behind Gordon Brown’s latest cock-up for her any more!’

 (Written 30 Nov 2009)

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